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Cancun Vacation TipsCancun, Mexico can be a great place to vacation, but it can be even better if you go there prepared. Most people do not do the appropriate research before traveling and learn as they go which is generally not the best practice. If you are planning to visit Cancun soon there are a few useful tips that can help make your vacation a little bit more pleasurable. This article discusses a few tips below that are essential.


Check as many reviews as you can and form an educated opinion based on the results. For instance, bad reviews can be helpful but be careful of people who just had bad luck and their only recourse is to create the most negative review possible about a place using a subjective and not an objective approach. Keep in mind that what is bad for some people might not be bad for others such as the amount of food or beverage options available. In a case like this you might not have taken off a star or point.

Also, when you arrive to your hotel ask for an upgrade and make up a good reason why you deserve it. Maybe you just had surgery and need a jacuzzi in your room, or you need one of the top floors because your doctor said to avoid noise. Whatever the reason, many hotels have a lot of unoccupied rooms and are willing to give upgrades to anybody who requests one.

Airport Transportation:

When landing at the airport in Cancun be sure to have your transportation arranged (check reviews for these options as well) unless you plan on taking the bus, which surprisingly is very inexpensive and surprisingly efficient. Just be prepared to jump off the bus as the drivers rarely like to come to a complete stop. Anyway, when you exit the plane you will be bombarded with locals trying to help you with your bags, taxis, etc., when you only need to walk until you exit the building where hundreds of drivers will be. The reason why you should have it pre-arranged is because trying to negotiate a local driver will usually end up with you paying about $60 U.S. dollars at the time of this writing. The better option is to pay around $55 for round trip group travel or $90 for a private escalade both ways with cold cervezas waiting for you for the trip to the hotel. Also, the private option allows you to avoid the early morning sales pitch for time shares.


Pesos are the currency in Mexico and the rate is always changing so be sure to check the current rate before you travel. You can use a Google search to compare exchange rates. Also, be sure to see if your hotel exchanges currency because some don’t, and if that is the case you will have to find local places to exchange the currency. Try to compare rates in a few places as each one will likely have a different exchange rate, and some will even charge fees when you can have money exchanged for free at many places.

Photo Opportunities:

When traveling to Cancun be sure to bring plenty of picture taking tools. If you are bringing a digital camera try to come prepared with a back up battery and make sure both batteries are fully charged. Most tours and planned trip locations are waiting for you to be unprepared and they have very expensive and very cheap portable cameras that take terrible photos for your convenience. Also, bring 1 or 2 under water cameras as many adventures present opportunities for photos in the water and they charge about $15 for each one when they will take them for free for you with your own camera.


Negotiate, Negotiate, Negotiate! Everything is negotiable today including your tour packages. If you have a group or you plan on taking multiple trips be sure to buy them all and get a rate. Also, you don’t have to use the first tour provider, many of these companies compete for your business so explore all of your options thoroughly. Don’t forget to look at reviews for your tours, yes every provider offers a different experience so choose wisely.

Map Your Trip:

Some people want to leave the resort and explore the surrounding areas while others choose to stay inside the resort. If you like to move around be sure to look at a local map of all of the places and choose a hotel that is located in the center. For instance, Cancun has a lot of restaurants, nightclubs, and shopping areas that are across the street from some hotels and very far away from others. Plus you save a lot of time when you know where you are going in advance and can plan your schedule.
There is more to say on planning your trip. When you go to Cancun you are going to want to visit as many places as possible. The internet offers a wealth of information on every destination so try to have a complete schedule of your entire vacation.

There are always new things to learn when purchasing vacation packages to any location. Be sure to keep a record of any of the advantages or tips that can help make your next trip better.

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